Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pajama Game(s)

Back in September, I talked about getting up early with my coffee and in the darkness to catch up with family and friends via varying forms of social media. This isn't about that. This is all about something most of you will not experience for a long time, and some of you may never experience if you have the resources to travel to the far reaches of the planet with your skater. No, this is a continuation of something I talked about with Susan Chun of LifeSkate, which by the way, is a great skating blog and resource.

Last year, Susan did an interview with me about watching the Grand Prix Final on line and VERY early in the morning. In that interview, I said something that was appropriate then and is even more appropriate now:
I think the toughest thing about sitting at home during a major competition and watching it on the Web is sitting at home during a major competition and watching it on the Web. The downside: I'm not there to get nervous. The upside: I can sit in my PJs and no one (other than my husband) can see me! For those who have been with me early in the morning as we're screaming at the computer and waking up the neighbors, it's NOT a pretty sight. But then only a few people I have run into look good at 3AM.

Here we are in the 2010 season and little has changed, other than the fact that Ice Network is broadcasting the series live so we don't have to download suspect .exe files into our computer from strange sources in order to watch (though I have to say that Keyhole TV, TinyAnts and Russian TV were excellent, and we learned a lot by watching the commercials). This week, we get to watch with a different beverage in hand since Skate Canada is taking place in this hemisphere with only a two hour time difference from our locale.

Life is good - at least for this week! 


  1. And you definitely will be watching surrounded by a virtual crowd joined by the internet. All the Pig Flyers will be rooting and hopefully cheering along with you from behind our respective computers, or in the case of a few, from the stands.

  2. Thanks, and at least this time we can all live chat at something OTHER than 3AM (which is 5AM for you).