Sunday, February 14, 2010

Short Stop - Spontaneous Combustion

We were just in a local bar called Chill Winston in Gastown when Bilodeau convincingly won the moguls event tonight. In a free, but partially obstructed locale, we watched as Canadian fans - drinks in hand - cheered on one of their own as he destroyed the competition on the bumps and jumps. 

As we sat drinking a well-deserved beverage in celebration of a very special day, we watched proud Canadians celebrate a victory by breaking out in a chorus of their national anthem as Bilodeau crossed the finish line. The pride flowed as easily as the beer. The joy was genuine and evident. It was another Olympic moment of so many big and small this week.

Before we left this fine establishment, we went over to talk to the group who had so enthusiastically honored their athlete in verse. We met another blogger, Scott Schimidt (you can find his commentary at and on Twitter @shmitzysays), who was leading the singing and the revelry for Team Canada. We traded blog sites. We traded smiles. We traded pride in being part of something so much bigger than any one person. Mostly, we made more friends. 

It was another spark that continues to fuel our flame. Oh Canada - you are something special.


  1. I saw your son on television a week or so ago, and through a series of links, landed on this blog. I revisit it because I love to hear your voice and your observations. Thanks for sharing a close-up view of the events and all your triumphs (and trials)!


  2. Thanks for following, Felisha. We have many things to share about this experience. :)

  3. All the best tomorrow! Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of you all.