Monday, March 8, 2010

Post Script: The Past is Prologue..

Looking back at Vancouver, there were so many lessons learned - and so many we were able to share with others about how one survives; how one moves on. 

The games of the XXI Olympiad are but a memory now, one that - like childhood recollections of first loves and lollipops - stay sticky sweet forever. But like sweethearts and sweet treats, one must also put them into perspective. Sugar and spice and everything nice is something to which to aspire, but cats and snails and puppy dog tails is probably closer to reality. 

Vancouver was an adventure of discovery on so many levels. We made fantastic friends. We met a plethora of people. We experienced things we had only imagined, including the agony of defeat and a thrill of a personal victory over the overwhelming specter that is "The Olympics." 

Make no mistake: No matter what anyone says, this is NOT "just another competition." The Olympics is this large Black Hole in the universe of sport. It circles relentlessly, showing up like Haley's Comet on a rare but predictable schedule. And in the same way, it shows fleeting moments of brilliance before fading in its inevitable darkness only to surface again for a new generation at another time and in another place.

The Olympics is past for us. But in so many ways, it is prologue for what lies ahead. Now, the adventure is more predictable; the twists and turns are less scary. Like our skater, we have been to the top of the mountain and we have experienced it in all its grandeur. We understand that it was not "Destination Vancouver," because a destination is an end. It was "Journey Vancouver" for all of us because there is so much more ahead.


  1. You are a joy to read my friend! Susie

  2. Thanks, Sus! Glad you've been following along! We're not finished. It's on to Torino, with a few side trips along the way to talk about the pleasures, perils and pitfalls of being a skating parent. The ride continues, and so do the blogs!

  3. "True journey is return" (Ursula LeGuin)

    Welcome home!

  4. Allan & Allison...I has so thoroughly enjoyed living thru you and re-living Lake Placid in '80.... Such memories and great ones at that! GO GET 'EM in ITALIA!

  5. Allen and Allison, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Vancouver Blog and look forward to the road to Socci ( sp? ).... and I remember vividly my experiences at the Lake Placid Games! Charge on to Worlds... JA will do well!

  6. Hi, Allison.

    I love how you focus on the positive. It's a great gift to have given your son and a terrific reminder to your readers.

    Ice Mom

  7. It is always best to have the glass half full than half empty, especially when there is ice involved :)) Thanks Ice Mom!