Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Short Stop: One Way Street

 My recent silence has been caused by putting my flying fingers to other keys of late so I have not had a chance to share my "pearls of wisdom" with you. This is a time of year when things are crazy at work, and more recently crazy at home, too. We are plugging along on both fronts, adjusting our GPS  systems along the way for guidance. 
   Many of you have sent me emails and messages asking if we're alive and well. We are alive, and getting better. 
   The most challenging thing about communication is when it becomes one way. Like a one way street, it can be frustrating if you are not expecting it. 
   So, this is an apology of sorts.  I am working with the Department of Transportation to find a new direction for your one way street that has been pointing in my direction for nearly a month and has been seemingly hitting a dead end. We are excavating now; finding the buried cables and fixing the problems so we can open back up to two way traffic. It will be reopened soon, I promise. However, once we are on the road again, be careful what you wish for!