Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short Stop: The Thing I Miss Most

I didn't realize it had been weeks since I posted. I attribute that to summer journalistic doldrums, as well as life continually getting in the way of passions.

That brings me to a short stop about what I miss the most in not having our skater around.

Hopefully, you have seen the Ice Network story that was posted on Tuesday regarding programs for the 2011 season. As I sat reading, I realized that my role was now one of "fan." No longer do I get to watch the creative process of choosing and creating art on the ice. I miss that. 

In the many days, weeks, months and years I spent sitting on metal bleachers, wrapped in fleece watching as a new season unfolded session by session, it was always about getting things done, having our skater put programs in front of judges with the hope of making it to qualifying competition. Now, I realize what I miss most of those days is the early, creative process. Choreography is the fabric of a great skate. Jumps, spins, transitions are integrated into the material like golden threads to create a finished piece. One does not exist without the other and once a skater understands that, it is a liberating thing.

I miss the process. I don't miss the metal bleachers, but I do miss watching the collaboration between skater and choreographer, the design of the fabric to music and athletics and watching the sketches turn into a tapestry. If you are still on the bleachers - no matter what level your skater - enjoy the creative process while you can and continue to encourage it in all forms. It is the treasure of our sport.


  1. I sure envy you those memories. This is my favorite part of the finished product, so I can imagine how interesting the process is. Especially with an artist like Jeremy.

  2. What a journey you have shared. This time is so reflective of days gone by and will never be replace for your heart has endured the elements of emotions only a parent knows. We parents have the lasting process.......our memories.

  3. The cool thing is you can now watch and know you were part of such a big success. That's very cool.

  4. Thanks, Aaron. It is cool. It used to be frigid :) I do miss watching the process; I don't miss the metal seats!
    Love your blog, btw.

  5. Thank you for reminding me to treasure the moments at the rink instead of finding ways to fill that time.

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  7. Oh, Ice Mom - If you step back for a moment, you'll know the times to "fill that time" and the ones to watch and remember. Just think back to last season. What comes to mind first - good and bad? Those are the memories that will stay with you for years to come. It doesn't really change.
    (deleted the first because of bad proofing before posting. No coffee yet :P )