Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here We Go Again: My Top Ten for Greensboro

I am sure that Greensboro is a lovely city. I will probably see about as much of it as I have seen of any city we've been to only once for Nationals. It is our reality. We rarely get to spend much time exploring because, after all, we are there to watch skating. However, I will get to know the following:

  1. Where the closest Starbucks is to the rink
  2. Whether or not I can bring our mascot Bobby into the arena or if I need to smuggle him in for the umpteenth time since, obviously, a hand puppet is a dangerous weapon and needs to be banned from the building
  3. The location of the Riedell booth so I have a point of reference for meeting people and so I can visit with my friend Dan R who has taken such good care of us for years and years in this crazy sport
  4. The location of all the restrooms in the immediate proximity of where I am sitting
  5. The location of all the restrooms in the immediate proximity of where my friends are sitting
  6. The location of the closest place to get usually over-priced food and a drink (of any variety from $3.00 bottled water to soft drinks on up TO something a bit more "adult" in nature)
  7. The shortest route between our hotel and the host hotel where we can get our credentials and catch the shuttle to the arena so we don't have to pay a ton for parking our rental car
  8. The shortest route away from my skater when he doesn't want to be seen with us
  9. The shortest route to the ice to throw something since pigs may fly but they don't do well when I am the wind beneath their wings
  10. The best and quietest place to hide when I need just a brief moment to myself (NOTE: that usually goes along with the location of the restrooms)
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I am sure Greensboro is a lovely city and they will roll out the Red Carpet for all our skaters. But my most sincere hope is that, like my absolute favorite skating city of Spokane, they host a major event again so we might actually be able to see it.


  1. Sounds like the perfect "micro-tourism" guide.

  2. Only if you are a skating parent, coach, press person, skater or anyone else who doesn't live there. Everyone else not directly, emotionally or physically involved in Nationals can truly enjoy Greensboro for the (I'm SURE) beautiful and hospitable city it is.

  3. I'm hoping to attend Nationals next year in San Jose (and escape snowy Syracuse for a week in January). I'll be sure to keep some of these in mind (IE starbucks which is now coming out with an even bigger size than vente, hotel info). Hopefully there are no issues with Bobby.

  4. Grace's coach. Lisa Ervin-Baudo, will be on Jeremy's panel, as the TS for the event! Jer is lucky - she is the best of the best! If you see her in the halls or at the hotel, PLEASE make sure to say hello to her and introduce yourself! Long blonde hair - you can't miss her! Good luck Jeremy!

  5. I love Lisa and can't wait to see her, Molly.
    Muzicgirl101 - Larger than Vente? Really? Will it come with a snorkel and swim fins? Wow. Skating parents are caffinated enough. That is a scary thought!

  6. Haha, well for what they will probably charge it should come with a snorkel. Its called the Trenta and will be 31 (or 32 as I heard on the news) ounces of whatever beverage you choose to buy. http://news.bostonherald.com/business/general/view/20110119starbucks_expanding_rollout_of_31-ounce_drink_size/srvc=business&position=recent_bullet
    They might as well just inject the caffeine into your blood stream...on second thought that's probably next on their list.


  7. USADA may have something to say about that. Don't tell the skaters.
    Interesting fact: This summer, I discovered taht coffee sprayed on vegetable and herb plants keeps the bugs away. It also deters slugs. Starbucks even works in the insect world. Another good reason to stay caffeinated.
    Wonder which one of them will open the first mini crawl through in my garden next season.

  8. Didn't you know that the TSA is banning hand puppets from planes? As dangerous as automatic weapons, large bottles of liquid, and shoes!!

    Can't believe (well, actually I can) Starbucks is coming out with their own Big Gulp. Like we really need 1000 calories and 3 days' worth of caffeine in our coffee drinks.

  9. Ah, yes: calories, caffeine and craziness. Perfect recipe for success. Maybe Brian B would use it on his show :)

  10. haha! If they haven't actually banned hand puppets they will probably strip search him.

    I never knew that about caffeine. Maybe I need to drink more (or rather start) drinking coffee. Or at least bathing in it as the mosquitoes love me.

    I researched it a bit more and right now its only the iced drinks that are bigger but I'm sure once people get used to the caffeine content of their iced latte they will demand it in their hot drinks as well. I'll have to ask at the Starbucks across from my work when they are going to start selling their troughs of caffeine to the public.

  11. Stitch is competing this weekend as well. I told him that Jeremy was going for a big win, he got excited. Apparently we have to rush home after his practices and programs and hit IceNetwork. Best of luck to you guys!

  12. Skate Mom - Good luck to Stitch! Thanks for the good luck wishes, too!
    Muzicgirl101 - More for my garden. Love it!