Friday, February 25, 2011

A Half Glaced Season..

It is nearly the end of February. It has been a year and a week since Vancouver. It has been five months since the start of what one could classify as an "interesting" skating season.

This year, we've attended fewer competitions and shows. We have watched on YouTube. We have stalked user groups and Facebook pages to find the best, free web connections so we could wake at the "B" Crack of Dawn in order to catch live broadcasts of overseas events.

We did attend the US National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina. Great rink. Wonderful people. Terrific barbecue.  

Now, we find ourselves with two months left and with the uncomfortable uncertainty we've experienced before when our skater has been "on the bubble." He has to continue to train. We have to continue to wait. We know there is one more trip that will most likely happen. It wasn't the trip we hoped for, but it's a trip nonetheless.

So, let's lift a Glace to 2011. The season is almost over. Soon, we can all regroup and take a deep breath as we escape from this year's expectations and look forward to 2012 with fresh ice. After all, 2011 is just about on the rocks.

The moral of this story: No use crying over spilt milk.
And for those of you who think I can't spell (which only happens on Facebook before 6AM when I have no business being near a keyboard, let alone an on line dictionary), "Glace" in French means "Ice."

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  1. a fellow skating parent, I enjoy your missives and contributions to "our" side of skating. As a parent....we have watched our kids go through years of training, so many early mornings and late nights, working thru the ups and downs, the highs and the lows....and upon review of watching the opening ceremony from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver tonight via Tivo (finally getting caught up on our Tivo recordings), I can ONLY applaud the achievements of our children. We (Jim and I) have been bystanders, supporters, chauffeurs, nurses during illness and injury, pushing Rach when she needed it, backing off when she needed to learn on her own.....and yet, standing back, and in awe, of the experiences she has had, and how she has embraced all that life has to offer in her 18 years.

    Thank YOU for sharing your perspective. So few parents of elite athletes share their perspective that the family experiences on a journey such as yours! Wishing you, Jeremy and Allen all the best...
    Jody and Jim