Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Important in Life

This is just a short stop with a huge message. Be so very grateful for what you have, no matter what you have.

I am honored to be working with the family from Extreme Makeover Home Edition right now. It has made me stop and think about life and how things change so quickly. As the parent of two athletes, I can't imagine what Dawn and Steve Keefer are going through. But I can tell you that Mom and Dad, the brothers, and particularly Brian, are an inspiration.

As you head into this season; as you get frustrated with your skaters,remember what is really important in life. It's not the competitions; it's not the medals; it's not the immediate gratifications. It is all about family. It is all about caring. I have never met a a group of people so dedicated to a cause, or as completely positive in attitude, as the Keefers. Look at their story.Watch the season premiere  of EMHE in September. Then tell me who is disabled - Brian or all of us who put our focus on superficial things instead of what really matters - family.

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  1. Family....definitely one of the powerful words in our language. Positive attitudes and inspiration are words that dominate my family right now. Thanks for telling us about this family, I hope to be watching in September. "Caring is the art of sharing, sharing is the art of living, living is the art of loving and loving is the art of caring." (anon)
    Thank you for always updating "Life on the Edge"