Saturday, April 14, 2012

Universal Truths

My lack of blogging since I returned from Nice has nothing to do with the trip, which was amazing in so many ways. It's been more about catching up on work, sleep, emails and getting taxes ready than it's been a lack of desire, or words - other than a few inappropriate ones I've muttered under my breath while sorting through 600+ (that is NO exaggeration) emails at my office. But, now I'm back with a few, hopefully well-chosen, words about universal truths. 

I am one of those people who finds, saves, posts and re tweets inspirational quotes. Some people collect stamps. I collect words - especially words with pictures. If you've been following my blogs for any length of time, you know I use pictures to punctuate my prose. It's not that I don't think anyone will understand my relatively quirkish sense of humor; I do it because I am a visual person. It makes me laugh, so I hope it makes my readers at least crack a smile, or occasionally let loose with an outright guffaw.
What makes these words work in graphic form is that they are "universal truths." We recognize them as being part of our DNA. Sometimes they say the things we dare not say because we are either trying to be politically correct or we are card-carrying members of the "Thumper Theory" society. Sometimes they contain hidden messages to friends and family, like a cyber version of Morse Code that we assume only they will understand.
Sometimes they are words of encouragement better than any you could think of yourself. Sometimes they express the depth of sadness and solace when you can't find the words within your soul. Whatever the reason, they work. They touch us in inexplicable ways.
So, as the season winds down, I thought I should share some of my favorites with you. Most apply to skating; all apply to life. They probably express me better than I do.

Universal Truths I Love to Share

Universal Truths of My The Little Voices in My Head

And my greatest Universal Truth

There. I said it and I'm glad!


  1. I love your "highlight reels" quote. I LIVE that quote, whether I want to or not. Great reminder--thank you!

  2. Don't we all, to some degree? Thanks!

  3. Loved it Allison! And yes, I have a "you too?" moment every time we cross paths. So happy our paths crossed in Nice. I will be joining you with wishes for safe travel and heightened success for our sons and all of the skaters in Japan next week! :) Kelly

  4. Me, too, Kelly. We had a GRAND ADVENTURE in Nice. Everything is a learning experience. We move on, right?