Monday, September 24, 2012

Now For A Few Words on Transitions

I recently gave up - and gave in. I got progressive lenses in my glasses. I'm still taking them off to work on the computer, so I'm not sure how "progressive" that is. Old habits die hard.

The other thing I did was to make my new glasses Transitions. Now they go from light to dark as I move from my home and office to the light of day - something I've not seen enough of lately because of an inordinate amount of work that so rudely insinuated itself into my email and onto my desk while I was attending a conference. 

Oddly enough (well, not oddly for me), that got me to thinking about transitions. Not the ones judged in competition, but the ones we judge in our own lives.

My blog about "18 Months" struck a chord with some very unexpected people. I received several text messages and emails about how scary transitions can be. But if you think about it, every day is a transition. Unless you are perpetually living "Groundhog Day," each time you roll out of bed you're facing the unknown. 
You can't avoid or hide from it -
- so you might as well embrace and own it. 

Back to my glasses...

The thing I love about my Transitions is that I don't really have to think about them. As I move from darkness into the light, I don't have to squint, tear or fumble for a case. I simply move forward and the lenses protect my eyes from the glare. Now, as I stare ahead I can see clearly. That doesn't mean I know where I am, or what's going to be around the next corner as I approach. What it means to me is that the future's so bright I've got to wear shades...even if I can't always see what's ahead. 

You know, I'm okay with that.


  1. AH love that! Great photos of the Ostrich's with shades. You are right, every day is a transition. Like it or not!

  2. Gotta love and embrace it. Can't change it :)