Monday, November 5, 2012

Short Stop to Shameless Self Promotion...Sort Of..

Wednesday, November 7,  starting at Noon Eastern time, famed coach Audrey Weisiger will launch a series of shows on Voice America Internet Radio. For some random and relatively unknown - and certainly unfathomable reason - I am one of her first guests. This is a bit daunting. This is quite flattering. This is...well...not "normal." 

It is interesting that I have only met Audrey very briefly in passing. Of course, I am a big fan. To me, Audrey has always been one of those people I watched on TV and at skating competitions. As a parent, she was always one of my "gold standard" of coaches. Since she began her Grassroots to Champions award-winning program several years ago, as well as my personal favorite Young Artists Showcase (YAS) competition for skaters who want to develop their skills as choreographers, I've grown to truly appreciate her vision of skating, art and creativity. If there is hope for continuing to grow our sport in the face of all the changes that have happened since 2002, in my humble opinion this is the way to do it right.

Now, Audrey sits on the precipice of a new career and I am honored to be one of her first guests. 

I'm a bit confused on how this all came about, however. I know it has something to do with my blog. I know it has something to do with my skater. I only hope it has something to do with my ability to make people laugh, and make people think. Whatever the reason, I'm thrilled.

So here is my "Shameless Self Promotion" for my 15 minutes of fame: Click on the link. Download the free app. Whatever it takes, tune in and support Audrey on her new venture. I hope you enjoy it, learn and grow from the vast array of topics she will be covering over the next few months. 

And if you have questions, just send them to her in advance at I have a lot of questions. Hopefully, I'll have some answers, too. Well, if not "answers," at least some paths to explore in your own journey. 

And as Charles Osgood of CBS Sunday Morning says, "I'll see you on the (internet) radio." Wednesday, November 7, Noon Eastern Time / 9AM Pacific Time, and all those times in between. 

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