Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wisdom for the Ages

I'm old. I'm okay with that. I've been around the block so many times, I've got my own GPS tracking on Google Earth. Of course, I'm kidding  - at least about the GPS.

The disadvantages to being old are well chronicled on television, on line and in print. Occasionally, I feel like a walking disclaimer: "May cause a loss of vision or hearing, drowsiness or insomnia. Can cause distraction, nervousness or hypertension. Until you know how it will effect you, do not operate heavy equipment. If some symptoms last longer than 24 hours, seek immediate medical help. Shake well before using." 

The advantage to being old is I am now wise enough to find my way around the block. What amazes me is how many people want to become part of my strange little corner of the world. I find myself in the position of being a guide to their "Great Unknown" because I've been there; done that..or at least that's the way it is perceived.

Perhaps they're right. Somewhere my little corner of the world these days, I am feeling a lot like Yoda. I am that pointy-eared, troll-like green creature with thinning gray hair who lives in a self-imposed exile from the refrigerated planet, but who is increasingly being sought after by young, would-be warriors to teach them how to become "one with the force." Since I've always considered myself to be a force of nature, I suppose one could call it typecasting. 
That being said, being Yoda does come with a lot of responsibility. There is an expectation to brandish a verbal sword, to impart wisdom, to operate the heavy machinery of expectation and help turn the key to success. If I could truly do all those things, I wouldn't still be dealing with two mortgages and painting my own living room before the holidays. I would be getting ready to sign up for Medicare and thinking about how I was going spend my retirement fund, if I only knew what that was. 

The reality is I'm not a Jedi, though I am certainly a warrior with many battle scars. I am not a guru. I am not a doctor, therapist or psychologist. I'm simply old. What I have accumulated over my nearly 24 years of being a skating mom is an encyclopedia of experience I am happy to share. 

With wisdom comes age. Sadly, the converse is not always true. Therefore, I prefer to be wise, share my experiences if it does some good for someone willing to listen. I will continue to channel my inner little green, pointy-eared creature because, when it's all said and done...

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