Saturday, July 9, 2016

Nothing But The Truth - From My Perspective

Since 2009, when I began writing "Life on the Edge of Skating," the intent was to have it be from my perspective as a skating mother following the journey from the stands, imparting Yoda-like wisdom along the way and seasoning it with a large dose of humor. What it has always been about, however, is perspective.

There is a fine line between perspective and truth. Unfortunately, we are seeing that in every aspect of our lives these days. Except for death and taxes, there is little else that is absolute truth; the rest is how you perceive it to be - it's your truth because you're living it.

Thus it is with skating - and with moving on. The "truth" is (at least for me) the transition from being a skating mom to being whatever-it-is I am now has been much simpler than I thought.

Don't misunderstand. I still love skating with a deep and abiding passion, it's just that my perspective has changed. Instead of looking from the inside out through frosted windows where everything has a fun house mirror effect, my perspective has broadened. I don't find myself automatically turning onto the road where the rink is when I'm driving past. As a matter of fact, I rarely think about it any more.
 I rarely go to competitions, except for Nationals which is an annual (slightly dysfunctional) "family reunion" that I wouldn't miss for the world, unless other things in life get in the way.

Okay, I have to come clean. Truth:
  • I am still wearing the earrings my skater gave me when he was seven years old - the ones I said I would retire when he finished competing. 
  • I can't bear to pack away the years of costumes that still occupy too much space in a closet. 
  • I still watch YouTube videos. 
  • I still stand and cheer. 
  • I still occasionally cry. 
  • I am always and forever grateful and proud. 
  • I will always and forever be a skating mom. 
  •  Every E ticket paid out provided a thrilling ride.
  •  Every friend I've made along the way has given me far more than I could ever give them. 
  • Everything that's happened has shaped us into the people we are and the family we continue to be.

And that's the truth - at least from my perspective.

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