Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you are looking for cute anecdotes or personal information about our skater: Stop. Unfriend us now; block, leave, nuke, delete - simply don't' waste your time. That's truly not why we decided to share our thoughts.

As we said up front, it is our intention to humorously chronicle the "human condition" that is the underpinning of our parallel universe. As we discussed the concept before putting words to cyberspace, both of us felt we had learned a lot from others and that sharing some of this information may (or may not) be interesting to other skating parents trying to find their way through the mire without a road map. While every skating situation is truly unique - as is every family, child, coach, club, arena, town, city, state and country - we felt there may be some universal "truths," if you will, that could possibly provide some kind of a GPS system for those needing to know they are not alone. Selfishly, this is also cathartic.

We hope you'll share our journey. But if no one comes along, hey it's a great way for us to practice our typing skills and clear our minds with mental floss.

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