Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to All Who Dare Enter..

Welcome to "Life on the Edge," a place we have lived for more than 20 years of being figure skating parents.

By way of background, we are both professional communicators. We have spent our lives either reporting or promoting other people's lives. We have been observers and chroniclers; we have been students of many aspects of life - particularly the peculiar life of figure skating. What started as an avocation has become a vocation. What started as a diversion has gone through obsession and into observation.

We are on the final pages of the biography our skater has written during his competitive adventure. But we are just beginning to write our autobiography - where we have been, what it has taken and what roads we have yet discover as we reach the denouement.

Warning: Unless you have a crystal ball, do not attempt to write the ending. Like us, just sit back and enjoy the ride, and hopefully the writing.

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  1. I am sad to hear that this might be 'the final pages' of a certain skater's competitive adventures. Please let it not be! Oh, okay, I guess we should let HIM decide. . . sigh. . . Looking forward to reading your thoughts!