Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Musing #3: When I Consider How My Light is Spent...

I don't know if your Muse affects you in the same way as mine, but after chatting on line with our skater very early this morning (late at night for him), a quote by John Milton came back to me that I felt I must share:

Quote: They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait

Meaning: We all have a place in this world and we all perform a function, regardless of our ability or disability.

When Milton wrote this as part of a sonnet in the late 1600's, he had gone blind but he knew that he had not outlived his usefulness. While a bit dramatic, to a great degree I suppose that is why my Muse brought this to mind at 5:30AM in the dark of our office as I was chatting with our skater a half a world away. Our roles change, and sometimes that is not an easy transition. However, while we are not there to watch daily (thus we are "blind"), to a great degree we have not outlived our usefulness as parent, friend and cheerleader.

I suppose, as we wait to watch skating at 1AM on Friday morning in the darkness and solitude of our office and in front of our 32" screen now hooked up to our computer, Milton's line from his sonnet could now be rewritten by my Muse to say, "They also serve who only sit and view."

It's a difficult adjustment but I'm okay with that.

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