Monday, November 9, 2009

Words of Wisdom

We received an important and poignant email from a very, very wise man this morning; one who has been there and done that before: The only things that are assured on this planet are that we come into it and eventually we leave it. Everything in between is unknown. Trust your family; love unconditionally because this life doesn't come with an instruction book. 

Trust us: There are those who have gone before who are much greater and wiser. Listen and learn, my friends.

Thank you, "Yoda."   


  1. Please pass on a message to J for us. Beautiful skating this weekend in the short and congrats for sticking with it in the long. A winner shows courage and grace in all of life's situations and J is certainly a winner in every sense of the word! P.S. that face at the end was priceless! :)
    Coach told DS that he'd been through a program like that (every good skater has) and that DS will eventually know the feeling as well...
    (((big hugs))), Sk8rmom

  2. was not what one would want for their skater, but it is over. Yes, every skater has one...or five..
    Thanks for the message Sk8rmom! Will pass it on to jeremyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..5 hrs bus; 14 hrs plane and right to the rink to train. Lots of "transportation" there :)Onward to Canada!