Thursday, January 28, 2010

Short Stop: Moms Matter in Vancouver..

So, I received a call today from a PR agency in Los Angeles. The voice on the other end of the line said, "Proctor and Gamble has chosen you as part of our 'Moms Matter' campaign for Vancouver."
Forget about everything else that was said. Forget about what we will get to do while we are in Vancouver - OTHER than watch our skater compete, of course! The second-most important thing to the competition is that a major sponsor of the Olympic Games is actually HONORING moms, and I get to be one of the spokespeople for all the moms who have spent years schlepping their Olympic hopefuls to practices and competitions, carrying equipment, making hotel reservations, worrying about budgets and taking care of business. I've been tapped to express the hopes, aspirations, fears and joy of what it took all moms and their  progeny to get to Vancouver.

What am I going to say? I'm not quite sure. 

What I do know is that I won't say what I wish I had said to all those reporters in Spokane. This is about the moms - and the dads, sisters, brothers and other family members. This is about honoring all those people who spent years of dedication for their athlete's 16 days on the world's largest stage. Exciting? Daunting? Yes. Am I up to the task? ABSOLUTELY! 

Thirteen days and counting..


  1. Oh, I love that! Congratulations!!!!!

  2. They picked the right person for the job!!! Can't wait to see you on TV! After all the carrying, fetching, calling, paying, worrying--all the things you have been writing about here since you began the blog--you are an expert (and our chosen Poster Mom) on the subject of Moms Mattering!

    I am so excited for ALL of you!!
    Go for it Jeremy!!
    You were incredible at Nationals!
    So cool to see you living dreams!

  4. Go MOM!!! and Dad, and Stepdad, and sister, stepsibs, grandma, cousins, etc etc etc!! (Lovin' the Carol Burnett shout-out in the picture, too!)