Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Musing after Spokane..

Top Questions I was asked in Spokane after the Championship Men's Event. My response and what I wish I COULD have said:
Q: Your son just won his second US Nationals title and is on the Olympic Team. How do you feel?
A: I can't find words for it. Amazing. Exciting. It is too difficult to describe!
(What I Wish I COULD Have Said): "Are you KIDDING me????? How do you THINK I feel??!! Can't you come up with a more creative question, please?"

Q: Are you going to Vancouver?
A: Yes, the family will be there to cheer him on.
(WIWICHS): "No, I thought I'd stay home and watch American Idol tryouts."

Q: What was it like when you all decided that your son would move to Detroit?
A: It was a difficult decision to make, but it was the right decision for him. He needed to be on his own.
(WIWICHS): " I get a room back and more groceries in the fridge!!"

Q: How does it feel to be the mother of an Olympic athlete?
A: This has been 20 years in the making. Now that we're here, it is difficult to believe but we are SO proud of our son and the dedication he has put into his sport. Words truly fail to describe the feeling.

(WIWICHS): "This has been 20 years in the making. Now that we're here, it is difficult to believe but we are SO proud of our son and the dedication he has put into his sport. Words truly fail to describe the feeling."


  1. The "how did you feel about your adult son moving out" question always stumps me. You always wonder if this person comes from some strange society where the Children Never Leave. Have they ever heard of college?

    (btw, congrats-- that was a top-ten of all time LP)

  2. Xan, someone told me a long time ago about competitive skaters, "They only have these bodies once." College is there; this opportunity is now. Choosing to dedicate time and limited financial resources to achieve a dream was our choice as a family. It is not a choice that everyone should make, but it is the one we made. For us, it was the correct desision based on what we know about our skater and our personal situation. If you find yourself walking in our shoes, you will have to make those choices that work for you.

  3. ATOTE: I think Xan was agreeing with you, saying that it's strange to be asked about an adult son moving out - after all, it's fairly common for 18 year olds to leave home to attend college. I don't think Xan was saying that your family's decision to prioritize skating at this point in J's life was wrong, just pointing out how common it is for young adults to move out of their parents' house.

  4. There are not enough adjetives to describe how proud the USIDPC is for all of you. Our heartfelt thanks for what you do to help others (Flying Pigs) along the way in achieving their goals and complete their dreams. You have nutured, nursed, consoled, and loved Jeremy through the years. Now, he will FLY. CONGRATULATIONS. GO PIGS! GO JEREMY! HELLO VANCOUVER~
    The USIDPC Board and followers~

  5. What you said was good (the PR pro came out). What you should have said was better!

  6. Congrats to Jeremy, it was a wonderful two programs to watch!! Best of luck in the coming weeks!! Congrats to you "mom" for making it through the competition in one piece Yikes! I don't know how you did it (I can't imagine me in that situation), but Whoo hoo!!! sk8mom

  7. Agreed it would have been funnier if you'd said what you REALLY wanted to say. . . . but it's very good for the whole family that you have that PR training, because it'll come in very, very handy. Good luck wading through the PR morass!!

  8. Congratulations to Jeremy: his second National title and his placement on the Olympic team are testaments to his hard work, dedication, and drive. It's always a pleasure to watch him.

    His successes are also a testament to the amount of time, money, and sacrifices you and your family have made to support Jeremy's Olympic Dream.

    I'll certainly be cheering him on. From my TV set, though. Not Vancouver. (I promise: no channel surfing to watch American Idol!

    Ice Mom