Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Stop: Waiting to Exhale

The ISU Congress is meeting in Barcelona starting today. Grand Prix assignments will be handed out and posted soon. After last season - after Tokyo,  Spokane, Vancouver, Torino - I thought this would be a bit more "matter of fact." But in fact, starting a new season always seems to be like holding your breath, handing in your E Ticket once again, pulling down the safety bar and waiting...waiting...waiting. 
   Back in the "Good Ole' Days," we used to have some control over scheduling. There would be requisite meetings with coaches, decisions on competitions, plans made for how to get to Regionals, Sectionals and (hopefully) to Nationals. Now, our skater turns in his "dance card," sits on the sidelines and waits to be chosen. There is little to no consulting; there is only anticipation, expectation - and when things are announced - the  requisite exhale so we can make our plans. 
   Those of you who still have some modicum of control. Enjoy it. If your schedule is set for 2011, you can breathe now.

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