Friday, October 22, 2010

Short Stop: Counting Down

Okay, I lied. Don't hate me.

Back some time ago, I said that after having been to the top of the mountain, this season was going to be all about fun. I did say that - somewhere and to someone.

Now, here we are just hours away from the short program at NHK and my stomach is turning. Matter of fact, I'd get high GOEs if they could measure the twizzles in my intestines right now.

So, here I am again. It's not like Olympic year, but it is another year of watching, waiting, yelling at the computer screen and being, well, a mom. It's what I do.


  1. Is that twizzles or Twizzlers in your stomach? Or is Allen hogging the Twizzlers? Love to you both and a virtual hug!!

  2. I doubt competition season of any sort can never be all about fun! Let's win it or place pretty darn high on the list! Now Stars on Ice that is what I'd call fun!

    Mary Vincent

  3. Wow! Great program tonight! I enjoyed every second of it. Can you explain the costume, it's pretty cool. Your wonderful skater sure looks confident and mature. Good luck with the stomach from now until the long program. This is where I have the most challenge as this down time (mental) between programs is my skater's greatest challenge at the moment. Haha, glad season is over until next year for us. ;)

  4. You never get used to it-- I actually threw up at my daughter's senior test I was so nervous. I refused to go to the big competitions with her; I knew I'd never be able to handle it-- thank goodness her father has it more together.

  5. sk8rmomp - Antonio Najarro's designer, Jose, did the costume. Tango is a dance of the clubs and of the street. I think Jose was trying to portray both the structured and the passionate side with the costume, though I have not asked. I Googled images and saw both, so I am making an uneducated guess.

    Xan - I've only done that once and it was NOT at a skating competition. It was the first time I watched my daughter Gwen do Skier-X live. It was in Vail. I swore I would only watch her race in that format again on TV. Of course, I did go one more time when she competed in X-Games for the last time in Aspen.