Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On The Day Before We Get The Bird..a Note of Thanks

This will probably not be your traditional "I am so thankful for.." missive. Over the past year since I began this diary of a mad skating mother, I have been pretty clear, and on-goingly (if there is such a word) thankful for so many things in my life. If you have followed me down this path of self discovery, you know how important my family is to me. They know how important they are to me. One day of thanks is not enough to express it.

However, there have been so many things I've discovered to be thankful for in the time since I began sharing my life with you, I felt they should be acknowledged. Here are just a few.
I am oh-so grateful for:

Clip Art and Google
I'm grateful for:
World Clocks
Map quest
Ice Net and You Tube

I'm grateful for:
New friends
New "Frans"
And all the experiences they have brought me that now enrich my life.

I'm grateful for:

Facebook and Twitter
Google Translator
And anything that allows me to stay connected to all parts of my personal world.

I'm grateful for:
Coaches and mentors too numerous to name but all of whom were responsible for bringing me to you so I can share these adventures, and misadventures of a life frozen in time.

I'm grateful for:
Choreographers - not just the ones who create masterpieces on and off the ice, but the ones who have taught us how to carefully dance - and occasionally tiptoe - our way through each phase, each act. Occasionally, we miss a step, but oh what we have learned from those mistakes.

I am grateful for:

Pig hats
Pig pins
Almost anything porcine because it is a reminder of where we started, what has been accomplished and how much more there is to do.

But most of all I am truly grateful for all of you who have chosen to come along on this ride with me, to share your thoughts and lives through on and off line communications. I can't believe how many new friends I have brought into this Crazy Quilt of experiences I continue to build while living Life on the Edge. You've stuck with me, and I thank you for that. 

So, on this day before our US holiday ritual of offering up a bird to the gods as thanks for the things we should be grateful for every second we breathe, I need to share two last and extremely important thanks with you: Thank you to the late, great Erma Bombeck, and  to Duct Tape. Without them, I don't think I would have survived.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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    And to all others, I am thankful this day, and every day, that you are out there. I know you are; I can hear your keyboards clicking :)