Friday, November 26, 2010

Short Stop: What's Your Point..

Tenths of points.

The one thing the IJS system does is take everything to the closest possible percentage, which can be both reassuring and nerve wracking at the same time. Whether you are relying on those 10ths to make it from Regionals to Sectionals and to Nationals, or whether those tiny increments mean a potential tie breaking score and a place in either the Grand Prix Finals or Worlds, the point-something-or-another can loom large. That decimal point can look like the black hole.

However, we have to put this in perspective right now. We have temporarily put down the calculators and let the pundits pontificate on the points. It's pointless for us to predict. Right now, it is the journey of discovery that's exciting. Decimal points are at the discretion of those who live in the Land of Point. After all, we cannot control the "whether." 

In Harry Nilsson's 1971 classic animated film, the Rock Man says to Oblio, "You don't have to have a point to have a point."
My point exactly.

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  1. Love, The Point and so glad I found your blog. Was searching for a picture of Oblio and Arrow and found you. I was a skater when I was younger and love all your ideas for Christmas. I now know what to do with all my old things. :) Have a wonderful Holiday and I will be following your blog.