Monday, January 24, 2011

On The Road to Greensboro: The Old Grey "Mere"

I am starting to pack for Greensboro. I leave in two days. I have also been working hard to make some changes, many of which have gone mostly unnoticed.

  1. I have fought to lose some weight - eight pounds in the past month, which is not a lot considering what I have to lose, but it is a start.
  2. I started back at the gym and I have been watching what I eat before I put it in my mouth.
  3. I have been undergoing a series of facials to make me look more like Julia Roberts and less like Julia Child. The jury is out on the success of that. At least I don't look like a SharPae (not that I ever did, but it makes for a great visual).
  4. I cut my hair short.
  5. I have (some) new clothes, though I really, really hate to shop (truly!). 
  6. Not by choice, I have new glasses since my old ones were put to rest on the tennis court last summer by a stray smash that flew from my daughter's racquet into my face, giving me one of - yes - TWO black eyes I've had in the past six months.
I have been "in training," as it were. Under the old system, it would be a 6.0 for presentation and somewhat less for technical. The point is, I've tried.

So, tonight on Facebook I posted that I am getting a mini trampoline as a gift I chose for spending the last 10+ years working in communications for a place I really love. I said that I wasn't sure if I could jump on the trampoline while typing on the computer, doing Facebook and being on Twitter. I chose that over a number of potential gifts because I am trying to make an effort to move in the right direction at my age.

Somewhere my comment was lost in translation because it was met with, "Ummmmm why did you get something that will go completely unused? The wine and spa would have at least gotten their moneys worth :P"

I love the support. It is what I live for. Thank you.

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