Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Instructions on Using Your PC

Or How to Stay PC When You Want to Mac Something
I have never owned a Mac. From the time I learned how to work a computer, I have always been PC. Occasionally, I think it would be fun to be free, to try new things, to explore a brave new world of communication.

Perhaps someday.

Right now, I still have a lot to learn about my PC. Occasionally, I think I can just step outside its boundaries; "color outside the lines." Apparently, being PC doesn't allow for that kind of creative freedom. No matter how much I may dream of it, I think it will be awhile before that can happen. No matter how much I may want to be Mac, there is still a lot to learn about being PC.

Since I returned home, I've been looking for my PC instruction book. If you happen to find it, will you scan the page on how to turn it on? Thank you.


  1. The problem is that I simply can't be the Mac Mama right now. I have to be totally "PC." It only seems like the correct thing to do :)

  2. Inside every PC there is a Mac just waiting to get out. LOL.
    When the time is right, you'll know ;) And it is very freeing! :)

  3. Perhaps - just perhaps - when I don't have to be PC I will be able to find new words to express on behalf all of us who must watch our fingers so they don't end up tying our tongues.

  4. Well, I for one would love to hear you just let 'er rip. But PC and Thumper all the way!

  5. Pass the Duct Tape.

    My PC won't re-boot