Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

Things are moving so quickly. I can’t believe it is nearly the end of November. I can’t believe we are just over a month away from our last Nationals; I can’t believe we’re crunching to get things aligned for a trip we won’t know for sure we are taking until January 12. I need to step back and catch my breath.

One way to do that, without  heavy breathing into a paper bag, is to think about some of the MANY things I am oh-so grateful for!

  • No more metal bleachers (except for the occasional practice session) after freezing my derriere off for more than 20 years 
  • No more automatic turns to the rink when I was actually headed to the grocery store
  • No more bagels and cream cheese on the run between skating sessions
  • Getting Starbucks when I want it, not when it is necessary to keep me alive
  • No more rental cars with non-functioning GPS systems that take you in the wrong direction so you miss practice sessions
  • No more trying to sneak mascots into the arenas
  • No more small club politics (however, considering what's been going on in our world, I'm not sure that's a blessing)
  • Leaving the Darth Vader Dads and Dragon Lady Moms behind (for the most part)
  • Not wondering any more who is your friend among the skating parents. At this point, we've all survived and that deserves the purple heart. We are a battle-weary Band of Sisters and Brothers
  • Making new friends who have now become family, including some I've never actually met personally but hope to in Boston and beyond (thank you Facebook and Twitter) 
  • Being blessed knowing the finest skaters in the world, who were once my idols but who I now can truly call friends
  • "Frans" (that's fans turned friends) from literally around the world - from Japan, South Korea, Canada, Spain, Italy, the UK, France, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Africa, Russia, Moldova and beyond
  • Friends who, at the drop of a hat or a hint, offer their advice, services, homes and hearts because they understand we don't ask unless there is a reason
  • Skaters I have watched grow up in the rinks who are now adults doing so many great things. I know the sport is safe in your hands
  • The coaches, judges and officials I still revere but now can truly call friends. I learn from you every day and know I will for years to come 
  • My very quirky sense of humor. It's gotten me through a lot of tough times, and made me appreciate the good times even more
  • The gift of gab I got from being a "TV" brat growing up in a family of communicators. Not saying that everything I learned was appropriate, but it certainly increased my vocabulary
  • My love of music, theater and dance. I don't know where I'd be without it in my life. Sad and deprived, I suppose. It's more than appreciation, it's a HUGE blessing. I thank my mom for that. Glad I could pass it on to my kids, though I am starting to think it's in our DNA - or it's something in the water
  • An unexplained love of photography, something that started with my first Brownie camera and continues (much to my family's occasional dismay) to my passion for taking photos on my iPhone (and then, of course, posting them on Facebook and Twitter..)
  • Waking up every morning and looking out my living room window at the Colorado mountains. They never cease to amaze and inspire me, no matter how I feel. It's home 
 And on a personal note:
  • Not losing my incredible husband of 25 years in San Jose. He is my rock

  • My daughter who is not only a cheerleader, fierce friend, incredible sister, and wife to the best son-in-law one could ever hope for, but the champion of so many causes that I bow before her energy and enthusiasm. Oh, and then there's that puppy of hers..
  •  My scary-smart, caring and very funny "bonus" son Aaron, his equally scary-smart, caring and very funny wife and my beautiful, scary-smart and already very-funny-at-age 3 granddaughter 
  • My amazing and wonderful mom who blesses  - and challenges - us every day
  • The people at my work who are the best team in the hotel business, and also the best  and most supportive work family anyone could have
 And thank you to my son who has taken us down this path full of adventure and personal discovery. This is not a a journey for everyone, but oh what a trip it has been...and continues to be.

Giving Thanks: It's more than turkey and stuffing; it is all of life's condiments - the bitter and the sweet - that create the flavor of our lives, making it a nourishment for the soul. I'm so glad we've had this time to gather together. I'm looking forward to many more times to share. After all, life is - if nothing else - a movable feast.

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  1. I relate to your thoughts in so many ways. I see the kids grow at the Duo Competition and follow where they venture to in this World. What blessings we share. Thanks for just being you and sharing with all of us. Blessings.