Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And Now for Something COMPLETELY Different

Rabbit Rabbit! Happy 2014!!

I was talking with my friends Doug Mattis and Ryan Stevens about a good way to begin the year. Ryan is a former skater, judge and has a terrific blog called "Is That A Skate Guard In Your Pocket or Are You Happy To See Me."  If you follow skating at ALL, you know Doug Mattis: Former National and International Competitor, Commentator, Choreographer and Coach - and one of the best friends this "girl" has ever had in this wild and wacky sport. 
Ryan's blogs are very different than mine. He does wonderfully insightful interviews mixed with cheeky commentary. I am a fan. On the other hand, my blogs have been autobiographical in nature, with a vague attempt at mixing humor with universal truths about what it is like living On The Edge of Skating as a parent, mom, wife and cheerleader of a sport I dearly love.

Over a glass of wine while chatting on line one night, Ryan and I decided that it was time to combine forces with one Siskell and Ebert-style blog that not only highlighted our similar loves of skating, but also allowed us to share our very diverse opinions about some things, too. While we have way more opinions in common, we do agree to disagree about some key points. I am not a skating judge; I was not a competitor, choreographer or coach. I did skate up until I was 19, and I served as president of my skating club in Aspen for a number of years, too. I openly and freely admit I don't know ANYTHING about the ins and outs of either the old 6.0 system, or the "new" (not-so-new) IJS. That puts me in the unique position of being more like 90% of skating's viewing audience. I'm a fan. Ryan and Doug are the pros. That's what celebrating diversity is all about, right? Diversity of opinions - shared with great respect and love - and a whole lot of humor thrown in!
So welcome 2014! It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new skating season. Let's look back in laughter, and look to the future with hope, humor and a renewed love for the art and sport of figure skating. ENJOY "Life on the Edge of a Skate Guard in Your Pocket" and our "Fireside Chat."

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